F.D.  offers a variety of services to help you  through each stage of your  project:  

F.D. retains outstanding engineering consultants and construction contractors, to form design teams specifically suited to the demands of each project.

Planning and Design
Our architects and designers will work with you to transform your ideas and dreams into reality. We will develop a plan that incorporates your requirements and your budget resulting in a creative solution. Additionally, we will specify and design all of your interior finishes to provide you with the space, style and feel you are looking for.


Our team of project managers and qualified craftsmen will complete your project in a professional manner. Our designers work closely with your project manager to ensure that any issues which may arise will solved. We will meet with you often to discuss new issues and keep you updated on the progress of your project.


Final Drawings and Preparation
We will take the initial design and develop a detailed set of final construction drawings. We will use these drawings to submit for permit and obtain final bid. Prior to the start of construction we will finalize pricing and schedules, and enter into subcontract agreements. We will have final finish materials selectioned and construction permits ready.