We want you to be happy We are deeply convinced that each person and each family are unique in their own special way. One's house should reflect the spiritual world of the people living in it and help create an atmosphere of serenity, joy, and harmony.

Architecture, like science and art, enjoys a colorful history. The principles and laws behind the construction of houses were invented thousands of years ago, and to this date, we still use them. We pride ourselves over employing a blend of the greatest construction techniques of all time, ranging from

Our staff includes a team of highly experienced architects, well versed in the art of home construction. Given our experience and versatility, we would be able to construct and furnish your house while ensuring a sense of harmonious unity with the surrounding environment. Such a home will guarantee happiness, health, and success.

With every project, we make an earnest effort to take into consideration personal taste, aesthetic ideals, and cultural values of all of our customers. The building of an individual house is a dream that can span a lifetime, and our customers entrust us with this dream.


architect Marina Alikin - San Mateo, San Francisco, San Jose, California design